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ac carpet cleaning stoke on trentCarpet cleaning stoke-on-trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme

So here at AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we like to be versatile and flexible to requirements so we offer a number of cleaning methods that matches the likes of some of the leading cleaning companies in the UK and now brought to Stoke-on-trent, Newcastle-under-lyme, Crewe & Nantwich. So say if you need to use your carpet almost instantly after cleaning, well i can offer dry compound cleaning which will achieve very good results depending on overall condition of carpet to begin with and can be used right away. Process of dry compound cleaning involves thorough pre vacuuming using a high spec industrial vacuum which will remove up to 80% of dry soiling and things such as pet hair. Next step is to evenly scatter the dry compound sponges, they do there job from then been agitated and worked into the carpet with a crb machine (Conta Rotating Brushes), the sponges will begin to absorb and breakdown the soiling, grease oils etc. After a dwell time period these sponges are collected from the carpet by again thoroughly vacuuming to make sure all the sponges are removed and then hey presto you have one clean carpet thats ready for a immediate use..

ac carpet cleaning in stoke on trent


Prochem pro35 crb machine pictured left...


*Your carpet's caringly cleaned*

Next available method up from dry compound cleaning is low moisture cleaning also known as encapsulation cleaning. Again prepping the area is crucial to the outcome of the end result so a good pre vacuum is required, remember up to 80% of dry soiling can be removed so worthwhile. After the pre vac a fine mist of encapsulation solution is applied evenly, usually a 5-10 minute waiting period is needed to allow solution to do its job breaking down stains and soiling. The CRB machine is once again used to help it along and to work the solution deep into the fibres, thorough passes are made from north to south and east to west. This process may take from anywhere 30 minutes to a hour depending on area size and soiling level, after once the carpet has been thoroughly scrubbed with the CRB machine the carpet is ready for bonneting. This is done to remove all the loose soiling and pulled up dirt, using a rotatory cleaner and thick wool pad that is pre moist, the area is then bonneted the wool pad been wet will collect all the dirt and stains up to leave a fresh clean carpet. Roughly 24 hours later it is recommended to give the area a good vacuuming to collect any leftover solution by this time would of crsytallized in to lightweight crystals that are of no harm, the one used by myself even stain protects the carpet until its next planned clean....Brilliant!

Finally we have HWE cleaning (Hot water extraction) or also known as steam cleaning, the most popular of choices for its more superior power and results. Again it’s always a good idea pre vacuum thoroughly, then a pre spray is chosen to break down all the dirt, soiling stains etc, pre spray of choice will depend on fabric of carpet so if its synthetic like a polypropylene, polyester a more aggressive pre spray can be applied unlike if you were dealing with a natural fibre like wool. So then area is sprayed and once again dwell time is given 10-20 minutes in some cases, i use this time to then set up the extraction machine and then run the crb machine over to break up all the stains soiling etc. I fill the professional carpet cleaning machine with 80% water and 20% rinsing agent solution, when area is ready for cleaning a wet pass will be applied followed by being extracted almost instantly this is the rinsing cycle that removes all the soiling and stains etc, some parts of the area may need more passes and some stain attention after.


*Let us make your carpet's beautiful again*

We are really passionate here at AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in making sure you are wowed with the results so we will not settle for average when carpet cleaning in stoke-on-trent and newcastle-under-lyme and continue our aim of being the number one carpet cleaners & everyone's local carpet cleaner here in stoke-on-trent and newcastle-under-lyme...

Aswell of crafting your carpet's to look their former glory again we will fully deodorise also!

Dont hestitate to get in touch today and have a friendly chat with me Adam to see what we can do for you...