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Welcome to AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we are a local run professional Carpet cleaning & Upholstery cleaning company operating in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and rest of Staffordshire serving both domestic & commercial. We specialise in providing a friendly service achieving excellent results using years of industry knowledge & training that have been acquired from working with some of the best technicians in the country.We pride ourselves in looking after our customers because you are all that matters and making sure we go the extra mile to do a highly professional job and a second to none aftercare making us one the leading carpet cleaners & upholstery cleaners in Stoke-on-Trent... We also do Flood restoration & flood damage work...

Just as our clothes need regular cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets and upholstered furniture need to be maintained in the same way. Regular cleaning ensures the removal of this soiling, along with any potentially harmful bacteria, in a safe and practical way

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We offer a variety of services and able to offer the choice of the four leading cleaning methods currently been used in the Industry. Dry compound cleaning, very low moisture cleaning, low moisture & hot water extraction for carpets & upholstery that can be anything from sofas & chairs cleaning, mattresses, mats & rugs, curtains, car seats & more. Making us unique as we are able to adapt to any situation or requirements. We are fast becoming the leading local carpet cleaners in Stoke-on-Trent...

• Carpet Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning • Spot & Stain Removal 

• Odour Treatment & Removal • Leather Cleaning • Flood Restoration


*Reasons why you may need a carpet or upholstery clean?*

There could be a number of different reasons why you will need carpets or soft furnishings cleaned, obvious reasons will be because of dirt, odor and spillages. But it is also important to consider the hygienic benefits of having clean carpets & furnishings, especially say if your introducing a new born baby into the family home, babies will be more susceptible to bacteria and viruses that can be breeding.So this would be an important detail to us here at AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning because after we thoroughly carpet clean or upholstery clean for you we would also methodically cleanse the area's with a antibacterial product that will be child and pet safe, thus ensuring a lovely clean home. When searching for carpet cleaners near you or upholstery cleaners in stoke-on-trent & Newcastle-under-lyme always check there feedback and testimonials to ensure they are indeed doing a good job in a safe practical manner for best hygienic purposes...


*How often should your carpet's & upholstery be cleaned?*

We professional carpet & upholstery cleaners advise getting your soft furnishings cleaned at least once a year. If tho you have small children or pets we would then advise atleast once every six months to ensure that your carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings stay looking there best all year round and hygienic! In return saving you money in the long run as your soft furnishings carpets etc will last much longer before needing to replace...


Commercial clients in the Stoke-on-Trent & Surrounding area's are very welcome, we have the machinery & industry knowledge to carry out your requirements to the highest standards,trained tried trusted & insured...Feel free to get in touch today for a no obligation free quote.


*Why choose AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning?*

AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is not a franchise so we aren't limited to using just one cleaning method or cleaning solution
• We respect your home and soft furnishings like our own
• 100% quality work is guaranteed or we will come back free of charge and do it again!
• Over a decade of industry Knowledge
• We provide assisted drying equipment  for your carpet and upholstery.
• We’ll arrive on time, looking professional & smart, we will always inform you if we’re held up in for any reason.
• As an independent company, and NOT a franchise, we’re free to select from any one of the four leading systems we use to clean carpets & soft furnishings.
• We pass on our cost savings from not having to pay franchise royalties/fees.
• We’re fully insured on a treatment risks and public liability basis.
• We offer a personal service and pride ourselves on attention to detail and excellent customer aftercare.

*What some of our customer's say about us*

ac carpet & upholstery reviews

Below is a introductory video of process and methods we use carpet & upholstery cleaning in and around the stoke-on-trent & newcastle-under-lyme area's. Be assured you will be employing a company devoted to achieving the best possible results for you...

*Rest Assure your choosing a company that makes your home our priority*

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*Commercial Clients*

We are very serious and accomplished in delivering for your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning needs and versatile to work round your business hours, we are using the lastest machinery in big area commercial carpet cleaning that can deliver fast and outstanding results across stoke-on-trent & newcastle-under-lyme allowing your company to operate as usual.

From low moisture cleaning to hot water extraction we are able to adapt to your needs wether it may be School's or nurseries, hotels, business offices, showrooms, doctor's surgies, churches, function rooms or anything else commercially needing carpet or upholstery cleaning in stoke-on-trent & newcastle-under-lyme...

Receive the full benefits of not only having cleaner carpets but hygienic also, carpets can be the perfect growing grounds for viruses and bacteria. We can also offer the added benefit of applying anti-bacterial & anti-microbial solutions that will kill and prevent contamination of viruses, bacteria and mold spores which can all start from spillages mixed with warm conditions, these extras will be mostly beneficial to nurseries, pre-schools and schools cutting staff sickness days down...

Below is some of the commercial clients and schools & nurseries across stoke-on-trent we have carpet cleaned for...

commercial carpet cleaning ac carpet cleaning stoke-on-trent

please feel free to get in touch today for a friendly chat to arrange for a techinician to come and give you a free no obligation quote...



*Thinking of hiring a Rug Doctor?*

When contemplating of cleaning your own carpets you need to consider what your overall expectations are when you have finished and the carpet has fully dried. Being a professional carpet cleaner in the stoke-on-trent & newcastle-under-lyme area i will naturally interact with my customers and the topic is usually carpet cleaning and past experiences...

Everyone who has chatted with me about when they have hired a rug doctor or a equivalent have said they were disappointed with the results, surprised by how long it took and the hassle of hiring and the overall costs were not worth it and would never again. I personally would never tell anyone not to hire one! I think if someone wants to try and clean their own carpets i say best of luck and if you need any tips let me know, but you need to weigh up the pro's and cons so lets break it down and see if it really is worth DIY...

Firstly we see the rug doctor price boards saying £24.99 for 24 hours etc wherever it may be in Stoke-on-Trent whether its a tesco's, Asda, Homebase, B & Q or Morrisons. That's the start cost for the machine unit itself but then you need the detergents like the traffic lane cleaner another 9.99 and then the anti foaming solution another 9.99 all said and done your paying around £50.00 plus. Then there's the deposit and proof of address and all the other hassle of visiting the busy supermarkets on a weekend, queuing to park queuing to leave, so again just a little something consider...

When you get it home finally from the busy complex in or around Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme you will probably clear the rooms your planning to carpet clean, then your ready to get started one thing i do know you're in for a long day! To get the best out of these low performance carpet cleaning machines you really do need to go slow and steady... The water pump on board is a low psi so will flow the water out slowly and then the downside with these machines is the vacuum recovery, these machines really do not pull much of the water back out of your carpet's. So what's happening essentially is all the dirt and soiling on top is been flooded down into the carpet pile, into the backing and then underlay, this will make the rooms smell damp for a few days until they are fully dry underneath. So once done and 8 or 10 hours later you will have carpets that you have convinced yourself look cleaner and they will but at a estimate probably about 30% better in fact...

When all said and done the benefits of hiring a rug doctor are not worth it for most and a reasonably priced carpet cleaner like myself will not cost a lot more and will do a nearly 4 times better job in a much shorter time and you will have dry carpets within hours instead of days, hope this has been helpful but i will say again that if you have your mind determined to hire one i wish you all the best in getting your carpet's looking beautiful again...



*Top Tips on looking after your Carpet's*


1. Vacuum regularly! at least twice a day and thoroughly atleast once going north to south & east to west strokes, if you have pets & children you may need to get that vacuum out a few more times.

2. Leave your shoe's at the door or in the hallway, you will naturally wear in a traffic lane in your carpet overtime but with your shoes on it will happen a lot quicker.

3. Encourage family meal time at the table this will save your carpet from food and drink spillages and children wiping grubby hands on furniture and the carpet's.

4. If you have pets try to get in a routine of wiping there paws after walks or been let into the garden.

5. In the event of a spillage, remember to absorb as much of the moisture or liquid possible before blotting with cold water and then soaking up again, refrain from scrubbing in most cases this will lock the stain into the fiber's.

6. Have your Carpet professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months! Your carpet's lifespan will significally increase doing so...

7. A tip for people who own 100% wool carpet's or wool mix, with wool being a natural material it is more prone to damage from spills and accidents, if you have a dog or cat with bladder problems be extra vigilant! The acids in especially a dogs urine can permanently damage your carpet! In the event of a such incident I advise contacting a trained carpet cleaner in the stoke-on-trent area or newcastle-under-lyme as soon as possible for best chance of a removal...

8. When having your carpet's cleaned it's worth thinking about paying the extra for having your carpet's stain guarded! This ensures longer lasting clean carpet's and no permanent damage from spillages... 

9. Filtration lines or also known has draft marks ( pictured below ) is a problem seen in a lot of properties in stoke-on-trent & newcastle-under-lyme. Caused from poor sealed floors is dust finding its way through gaps under the skirting boards and between floorboards from the sub floor! Can be successfully removed by a professional carpet cleaner but tend to return in a space of a few months. Prevention's can be choosing darker coloured carpets, stain guarding or have your flooring properly sealed...

draught marks black lines carpet cleaning stoke on trent

10. Sisal carpets or sea grass is a wick like carpet made from plants, this delicate fiber needs to be cleaned carefully using very low moisture or dry compound cleaning! Over wetting can cause the material to retract and shrink! Be careful if you own sisal carpets and wish to seek a professional carpet cleaner, top tip is to regularly and thoroughly vacuum as they are perfect for holding dust and dry dirt..



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